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JSON & MessagePack serializers

Free Unity plugin which provides API for saving and loading data in JSON and MessagePack formats.


  • Reading/writing in data streams or memory

  • Supports primitive data types and .NET standard data types

  • Supports Unity data types (Vector2, Color etc.)

  • Supports standard lists, generic lists, arrays, sets, and custom collections

  • Supports standard dictionaries, generic dictionaries and custom dictionaries

  • Supports metatypes (Enum, Nullable etc)

  • Supports custom and anonymous classes


Requires Unity 3.4 or later.
Tested for:

  • iOS

  • Android

  • WebGL

  • PC/Mac

Compatible with IL2CPP runtime environment it was included in link.xml during code stripping.

Compatible platforms

Plugin is written using .NET 3.5 and has no dependencies, so it should be compatible with other platforms.

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