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C# Expression Parser

Paid Unity plugin for compiling and executing C# expressions even on platforms where this is normally unavailable (iOS, WebGL).

Plugin contains API for parsing and executing C# expressions and was designed specifically to use Unity with various platforms.


  • C# 3.0 expression parsing

  • Syntax tree access

  • Syntax from more recent C# versions

  • Compiling and executing System.Linq.Expression expressions in IL2CPP runtime environment.

  • No reliance on other components. All features are contained within plugin.

Use Cases

  • Interactive gaming console

  • Conditions within game data (quests, dialogue trees, triggers etc.)

  • Remote code execution on user's device


Requires Unity 3.4 or later.

Tested for:

  • iOS

  • Android

  • WebGL

  • PC/Mac

Compatible with IL2CPP runtime environment it was included in link.xml during code stripping.

Compatible platforms

Plugin is written using .NET 3.5 and has no dependencies, so it should be compatible with other platforms.


Parsing as expression using System.Linq.Expression.Expression[T]:



Getting C# expression result:


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