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Game Data Editor 'Charon'

You can use visual editor to design your data scheme and fill it. Tools provided within are used to generate source code for accessing game data.
For Unity developers: Unity Editor plugin.
For other platforms: Web application using operating system's web browser.
For integration with build servers and automation scripts: CLI.


  • Game Design

    • Visual editor

    • Multilanguage text storage

    • Export/Import localization data (Microsoft's Excel XLSX, XLIFF, JSON or XML format)

    • Export/Import from/to spreadsheets (Microsoft's Excel XLSX format)

  • Development

    • Generated source code for game data

    • Support of formulas and simple check expressions in game data

    • Automation of import/export processes with command line and program interfaces

  • Management

    • Game designers don't depend on programmers

    • Automation of game data processing (localization, validation ...)

    • Integration with other in-house development tools (with some coding)

    • Fewer errors while handling game data


Requires Unity 5.4 or later.
Requires .NET 4.5 (or later) or Mono 4.6 (or later).
Platforms: PC/Mac.

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